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Why assumption stands in the way of a good deal and can be costly

If you want to have a successful negotiation with a satisfied outcome you need to do the one and most important thing and that is preparing!
Most people fail to prepare adequately before a negotiation.  There are many reasons for that such as not having enough time, not knowing how to prepare or being too confident and thinking one knows it all already.
The truth is if you don’t prepare you will have a random approach and will leave yourself open to a terrible result. Benjamin Franklin, once said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. The success of a negotiation depends on your preparation. The more energy and effort you put into a negotiation the more confident you will be during the negotiation. The biggest mistake people make when preparing for a negotiation is making too many assumptions. Approach the preparation like a blank canvas as if you don’t know anything about the other party, the issues and the negotiation variables. We all have certain expectations and the p…