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What children can teach us in negotiation

Never underestimate the negotiation capabilities of children. Being a young parent, I have realised how good kids are at negotiating. My 4-year-old daughter is already a very skilful negotiator using a variety of tactics to her advantage providing her with a successful outcome most of the time. She knows when to approach me to ask for something. Usually it is when I am busy or when I am just about to go on a work trip or have just returned from a work trip, playing with my conscious and guilt that I had been away again for some time. It is also how she makes the request. She puts a lot of effort into this by using her cutest smile, playing with my emotions and making it almost impossible to say no. Charm and an emotional connection go a long way. Children know how hard it is for their parents to say no when they put on their cutest smiles. People are emotional and playing on these emotions gets you a better negotiation outcome. She knows who to ask and when to ask. She knows in which s…