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How to make your money go further when Christmas Shopping - Use these negotiation strategies!

It is 24 days till Christmas and if you are like me, then you probably haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet. 24 days is plenty of time, I hope!

However, before you hit the shops, I want to give you some practical advice on how to negotiate when doing your Christmas shopping so your money will go further this year!

While most people pay what the price tag says, savings can be made if you just ask. The reality is that most stores are willing and open to negotiate.

As Herb Cohen, the author of ‘You can negotiate everything’, said ‘Our culture has programmed us to believe that the sticker price is what we are supposed to pay, but the reality is that almost no price is etched in stone’.

1)    Do your research

Once you know the product that you want to buy, be it a camera, a phone, a fridge; be prepared. Research what the market price is and what the competitors are selling the same product for; then make your offer.

2)    Have a maximum acceptance point

Set yourself a limit of the …