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How bars and restaurants make you spend more money

The menu of a restaurant is not just a list of food and drinks, it serves as a clever marketing tool that guides its guests into ordering what the restaurant wants to sell and subsequently makes more money.
The expensive entrée on the top of the list A high-priced entrée on the top of the list serves as an anchor point. The Restaurant does not intend to sell this entrée as it merely serves to create the impression that the subsequent entrees are not as expensive. This strategy tempts customers to order the second most expensive dish that could also be more profitable to the restaurant.
A descriptive menu increases sales Research by Wansinkj et al (2001) found that the more vividly the dishes and drinks are described the more sales increase, up to 27%. Attributes like textures, flavours, the origin or quality all contribute to an increase in sales.
Offering meals in two sizes Sometimes meals are offered in two sizes however the customer has no idea what the difference is. The customer is…