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5 Surprising Negotiation Facts

If you don’t ask you don’t get.If you don’t negotiate you will always pay the full price. If you don’t negotiate your salary you will never be able to get the pay rise that you deserve. People don’t just hand something to you, you need to ask for it and then negotiate. If you have a fear of negotiating, chances are you try to avoid it. If you avoid negotiating, you will never lose your fear of it. What you need to do is expose yourself to negotiations; embrace it by practising negotiating as often as possible. Fortunately, there are many opportunities where you can practice and improve your negotiation skills daily.
The following five facts about negotiation might give you a different perspective of negotiation and as a result you might approach the negotiation differently.
1.A negotiation starts with a rejection People often fear rejection and tend not to move past it whereas receiving a rejection means that this is the beginning of a negotiation. A rejection gives you an opportu…