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How to take charge in a negotiation even if you believe the other party has more power than you

When I speak with clients about upcoming negotiations at some point we talk about power and assess which party has more power and why. In most cases my clients believe that the other party has the power over them. They see their opponent as someone who is much bigger, has much more influence, is a tough negotiator and often gets the better deal. They feel powerless and are unsure on what to do to negotiate successfully.
They look at the negotiation like a David versus Goliath. Only that David the courageous shepherd boy has been able to battle a giant that many have been so fearful of and demonstrated that size does not always matter. David won the battle as he was not scared, he was confident and prepared. He was in control of himself and did not let anyone influence him by their fears. He had a strategy and he stuck with it, he decided against heavy armour as he knew it would slow him down. By studying Goliath, David understood his strengths and weaknesses and could therefore use thi…